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Level II - Vancouver - Depression: New Light on the Olde Blues

In this course we will experiment with the hypothesis that our movements, postures, and spatial habits are major influences on our feelings. By learning to begin with subtle exercise and imaginations, instead of entrenched feelings, we can slowly ease into a “good space” again. Whether you are challenged with depression yourself, know someone who is struggling, or are a professional caregiver, this course is designed to help you create space to shed new light on the olde blues.

This course will incorporate a public workshop where Level II’s will be able to witness how Spacial Dynamics can be introduced to the general public, and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques.

The course will take place at the Creekside Community Center, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, BCV5Y 0B1, Canada. Course fee is $500 USD. SDI Level I students and graduates can receive Level II credit.

Advanced Studies Course
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