The goal of the Level III Certification in Spacial Dynamics is to train qualified leaders to conduct Spacial Dynamics trainings and offer advanced modules.  Level III graduates are certified Instructors and Mentors, assist in ongoing SDI Trainings, conduct Level I trainings, and offer Level II courses around the world in conjunction with the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Pre-requisites to Level III training include Spacial Dynamics Level I and Level II Diplomas, Certificate in Bothmer Gymnastics®, and demonstrated strength in several movement areas.

The Spacial Dynamics Institute is pleased to be able to recommend graduates of its Level III Training Program for a range of specialty courses for movement teachers, body workers, medical professionals, parents and other groups interested in greater understanding and experience of the healthy, harmonious continuum between the body and the surrounding space. In addition, SDI has trained instructors who can travel to your schools to teach the PACT Model (Pentathlon, Arts, Cooperation, and Truce) a non-competitive approach to preparing Waldorf students for their Fifth Grade Pentathlon. Certified Level III Mentors and Evaluators visit teachers in their educational settings upon appointment.

Please contact us with details of the courses you would like to present in your community and we will connect you will a graduate who will be able to meet your needs. Rates start at $350 per day per teacher with travel and accommodation expenses additional. (To keep your costs down, graduates welcome the opportunity to stay with, and share meals with members of your community).

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The root of the name Cordula comes from the word “heart.”  

This lovely name captures one of the most salient characteristics of her life;

Cordula simply had a heart for those in need.

Born in Mannheim, Germany Cordula always felt a strong kinship with the United States. Even as a young child she had the dream of living in the States one day. Cordula received her training in Bothmer Gymnastics and Spacial Dynamics in Stuttgart, Germany. She decided to enter a US Green Card lottery, and for this she needed to have at least a theoretical job opportunity waiting for her in America. Late one night, Cordula and I, mostly in jest, drew up a hypothetical job description to enter on to her application form. Against all odds, she won her Green Card, and the hypothetical position became reality.

 Moving to the United States in September, 2001, Cordula was to become extremely instrumental in helping Spacial Dynamics get established in the Americas. She began with the myriad of secretarial and organizational duties outlined in her Green Card job description, and soon expanded her influence to serve as SDI’s Outreach Coordinator. As a perk of her job she attended every Level I and every Level II course that was offered, and over the years, she grew into serving as a very capable, and treasured assistant instructor in the courses. Within a short period of time she also blossomed into one of Spacial Dynamics most talented, successful, and sought-after movement therapists. Her combination of common sense and uncommon dedication to her clients and students found full expression in her private enterprise: Movability.

The Spacial Dynamics Institute recognized Cordula Feuerstack’s gifts, accomplishments, and contributions by awarding her the first-ever Level III Diploma in 2010. Her final role for SDI was a position where all of her strengths and abilities were able to be put to use, and the full spectrum of her ability to connect with others was fully utilized and recognized. As Dean of Student Affairs, she became the “Core” of the organization; the heart for the circulatory system of the Spacial Dynamics Institute.

Cordula is loved, and greatly missed by all who had the pleasure and honor to know her.


With respect, admiration, and greatest affection,

Jaimen McMillan

For the Spacial Dynamics Institute