Members of the Level III groups A and B. 

Members of the Level III group C. 

The goals of the Level III Certification in Spacial Dynamics® are:

  • To carry its educational, therapeutic, and social impulses into the future
  • To foster the ability to present and teach Spacial Dynamics® and Bothmer Gymnastics® theory and movement to SDI students and in public workshops.
  • To enhance the candidate’s ability to develop and teach Level I and Level II Spacial Dynamics specialized courses in the areas of the candidate’s profession, passion, and proficiency.

Level III graduates are certified Instructors and Mentors, and conduct Level I trainings around the world in conjunction with the Spacial Dynamics Institute.

Level III Trainers offer accredited courses towards Level I certification to those who have completed the Core Studies Program.

In addition, they are certified to offer Level II courses to Level I graduates.

Pre-requisites to Level III graduation include Spacial Dynamics Level I and Level II Diplomas, Certificate in Bothmer Gymnastics, and demonstrated strength in several movement areas.

Posture:  January 7th through January 10th, 2017

Body Image:  April 3 through April 6th, 2017

Breathing:  August 1 through August 4th, 2017

Opening Session:  January 3rd through January 7th, 2017

Second Session:  March 30th through April 3rd, 2017

Third Session:  August 4th through August 8th, 2017

Level III C
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