As a SDI graduate, student and or member of ISMETA you are expected to know and abide by all the requirements of membership, code of ethics and guidelines of conduct of that organization. In the event of any uncertainty, the full requirements as presented by  ISMETA here will take primacy. The summary presented here is for ease of understanding.

Treat all clients with respect, professionalism, integrity and honesty. Recognize the phenomenon of transference.

Communicate with, and obtain consent from the client or parent/guardian before treatment. Explain anticipated outcomes, and clarify expectations of client participation.

Treat clients fairly, without discrimination, and only within the lawful scope of your practice, training and experience.

Obtain only professionally relevant information and maintain for a minimum of three years sufficient records of treatments. Maintain confidentiality.

Refer the client to other educational or healthcare professionals when appropriate. Refrain from diagnosing and prescribing.

Avoid treating clients when you are physically or psychologically impaired in a manner that would compromise the treatment.

Refrain from romantic/sexual relationships with patients, clients, or students. In the event this objectivity is compromised, avoid all interactions for a minimum of one year

Work to promote and enhance the reputation of SDI and ISMETA within the therapeutic and educational communities. Always adhere to the highest standards of your profession.

Ensure that all licenses, certifications and qualifications are current, prominently displayed, obtained and maintained legally and honestly.

Any changes to your legal, medical, criminal or other situation directly impacting your ability to practice must be promptly reported to SDI.

Clearly give credit to ideas, techniques and principles applied in your work.

Promptly report to SDI any failure, either deliberate or accidental, to adhere to the code of ethics of SDI and ISMETA by yourself or a peer.

Seek professional supervision when needed.

Honestly inform your clients about your certification, experience, licenses , pricing and fees.

Follow acceptable accounting and tax filing practices.

Maintain a facility that meets health and safety requirements.

Follow professional hygienic practices, and maintain a professional level of personal hygiene.

Advertise in a truthful, accurate, dignified manner about your services.

Work with other integrative health , educational, and medical professionals to achieve the best outcome for your client.

Be aware of, and abide by all public health, educational and safety protocols, and all applicable laws and regulations governing your profession and licensure.

Comply with all laws regarding sexual harassment.

Obtain adequate and customary insurance for yourself and your practice to protect yourself and your clients in any legal action.