The Sword, The Pen, and The Arrow - Summer Program 2017 for youth ages 11-16 with the Spacial Dynamics Institute. July 6-11, 2017.

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This first steps on the training track toward a Level I certification in Spacial Dynamics®. This program is led by Spacial Dynamics Institute founder, and Director Jaimen McMillan. For more information  click here.

Jaimen McMillan, founder of the Spacial Dynamics method, offers a new perspective on creating energy to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

Jaimen McMillan offers the image of the body as a house, and how living fully in each room can help us avoid exhaustion and simply feel at home.

Jaimen McMillan shares a new image of personal space that can help us avoid exhaustion and burnout, and most importantly, learn to feel whole. 

Jaimen McMillan describes how the element of joy is as accessible, as it is enlivening. 

Jaimen McMillan at the Hands In Peace Festival, Sacramento, 2009; The ancient Greek disciplines are pillars of peace for children of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

CIRQUE-EZE a unique summer program for youth 11-16 offered by the Spacial Dynamics Institute. June 30-July 5, 2017. 

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Jaimen McMillan shares how adding rhythm to family life can take the routine out of the everyday, and can become a source of strength and support.

Jaimen McMillan, founder of the Spacial Dynamics Institute, offers insights into ways parents can maintain their own health, energy, and enjoyment.

Jaimen McMillan, father of six and long-time educator, shares how curfews, chores, and respect are vital building blocks for healthy family structure.

Jaimen McMillan talks about how a diary can help your child build her/his inner space where (s)he can feel safe, and develop an inner life of her/his own.

Could feeling enlivened and energized sometimes be as simple as getting out of your own way? Give yourself space.