Thom Schaeffer

In the early 1980s, Thom Schaefer and Jaimen McMillan co-developed PACT, a pentathlon model for 5th-grade school children, that has been incorporated into the curricula of Waldorf, public, and private school settings. Thom and Jaimen have teamed up, together with Spacial Dynamics instructors from around the world, and have applied this model in international peace projects in Greece, the Middle East, Ecuador, China and the US. This PACT model (Pentathlon, Arts, Communication, and Truce) uses movement, art, and non-violent communication to go beyond flags, break down stereotypes, and build up connections based upon movements that are true.

Thom Schaefer, a Spacial Dynamics graduate has been a lifelong educator. Thom has taught at elementary and high school levels in public school as well as in Waldorf settings as public-school principal, a Waldorf class teacher in California and New York consultant to Waldorf schools. Thom has taught history, English, movement and drama in the high school at Shining Mountain WS, been a Waldorf teacher trainer, an anthroposophic adult educator at Rudolf Steiner College in California, Sunbridge College in New York, the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto, and Gradalis.

 Thom is currently the Education Director at Credo High School, a Waldorf-Inspired Public Charter School