Over the course of a lifetime women will have lived in many different bodies. The body of a girl, a teen,  a woman, perhaps a mother, through  menopause, and in the golden years. Each stage of life reshapes the body and the sense of self.

Spacial Dynamics explores women's spaces and teaches women how to re-form habitual movements and postures and choose the spatial shapes that support the bodies optimal function and ease.


Level II      June 16, 2017 - June 19, 2017      Big Sur, CA       Leader:  Heather Chappellet Lanier         spacialdynamicswomenswellness.com        

Level II

June 16, 2017 - June 19, 2017

Big Sur, CA

Leader: Heather Chappellet Lanier


Women's Wellness

Enjoy farm-to-table meals, walks through the majestic landscape of Big Sur, and the enlivening movement discipline of Spacial Dynamics®  is taught through hands on, personal, and group exercises. Women’s Wellness is a Spacial Dynamics® approach to reducing stress and enhancing energy in the midst of our busy everyday lives. We can learn to re- form our habitual movements and posture in ways that support our anatomy and optimal functioning. The fundamentals of life such as: sleeping well, personal borders that express warmth and clarity, managing stress, increasing vitality, range and ease of movement, physical changes in the phases of a woman's life, graceful aging, and moving through trauma - are seen and moved from new perspectives.

In the course of the retreat we will focus on general exercises for health and well being, and take special care of each individuals need of the moment. To facilitate this we have a small group size.