It is not enough to lead. An effective leader must enable others to follow. An overlooked element in business leadership is the skillful use of space. Space is far more than the distance that separates; it can also be used to connect.

Bringing people into the same room does not guarantee that a “meeting” will take place. There are, however, dynamic methods to create spaces for many types of meetings.

Learning to apply Spacial Dynamics® in Leadership has proven to decrease stress by giving management new insights and practical tools to bridge differences, foster communication, and build teamwork; enhanced creativity in personal and organizational performance will follow.

A differentiated use of space improves relationships by transforming rigid frameworks into paradigms of possibility.  When leaders learn to follow objective principles of Spacial Dynamics® in their business interactions, others will follow their lead.

Spacial Dynamics® director Jaimen McMillan greets Chris Faber, manager of the Swiss Hotel La Val, premiere partner of  Spacial Dynamics in Hotels.

I must say that the presentation greatly exceeded my expectations.  Jaimen McMillan is an outstanding speaker and an engaging teacher who tailored his presentation to each individual, as well as to our group as a whole.
— Chris Faber

Custom Programs

Jaimen McMillan delivers custom programs to organizations interested in developing their employees and members to better handle key leadership challenges through using Spacial Dynamics® unique approach to spatial relationships.  Through learning to use the dynamics of space, participants can lead in a responsible and effective way so that others can more easily follow.  Programs are suitable for emerging and experienced leaders.  One well-seasoned professional voiced: “Now I know why some of the things I did work, and why some of the things I did didn’t work!”

Spacial Dynamics® has also proven to be highly effective in team building as well as conflict management in polarized organizational situations.  Mr. McMillan and his team provide advanced training to Consultants and Human Resource professionals, teaching skills to enhance engagement while aligning individual and departmental goals and defusing tension.

Leadership Development Modules

The core modules of the Spacial Dynamics In Leadership program include: Moving Toward a Common Goal,  Coaching for Performance,  Managing Stress and Exhaustion and Presence and Presentation.

Program Formats

Sessions are typically full or half-day seminars in off-site facilities that provide room for group activities, however programs can also be adapted for specific on-site situations.  Longer programs are available in retreat settings offering the possibility of “getting away from it all” and allowing ample time for exploring new methods of interacting and developing new, more effective practices.  In addition, keynote presentations can also be offered.

Past Client Work

Jaimen McMillan has coached organizational leaders in the Americas and Europe to “master” many managerial challenges by studying the modes of movement “dynamics” that are being used and how to adapt the social and organizational structures “space” in which they work.  Past client work includes:

  • Consulted for the largest European tire manufacturer, one of the Global Big Three. His work included on-site training of managers to recognize problematic patterns, demonstrate techniques to bolster employee awareness, and provide tools to increase interaction, communication and effectiveness.
  • Conducted leadership training for senior and middle management of a leading, international software company to enable them to better align their team efforts toward a common goal.
  • Consulted to a New York City based financial services company, which is in the forefront of providing analytical research in the mutual fund industry, with an emphasis was on reducing stress levels through on-site training of individuals and small groups.
  • Presented to TEC Canada executives in an experiential workshop setting, demonstrating leadership techniques that enhance collaboration, communication and engagement.


Other Related Programs for Organizations

The Spacial Dynamics Institute (SDI) also offers on-site and off-site workshops for “Spacial Ergonomics” where computer placement, desk location, chair height, individual postural adjustment, personally-tailored exercises and micro breaks provide the physical support for an injury free and more productive workplace.