Team Building

Positive group dynamics have everything to do with whether an organization is successful or not. Spacial Dynamics® can help build healthy relationships through movement. The team that can move together, can move ahead together!

Personal Presence

Spacial Dynamics® offers a new understanding of managing stress and avoiding exhaustion. Using our personal space we can choose how we meet what's coming towards us resulting in enhanced presence and increased energy levels.


Effective communication is essential in all areas of our lives. Spacial Dynamics® can help us engage with others in new ways which support both clear expression and listening from a place of objectivity.


The Spacial Dynamics Institute, founded by Jaimen McMillan, is the international training organization for the discipline of Spacial Dynamics®. With its international headquarters on the Hudson River in upstate New York, it offers programs across the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.

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