Spacial Dynamics Institute gathers data when you complete an order for courses. The data will only be what is required to enroll you in that course. 

For example to enroll in a Level I or Advanced Studies course we will request your name and address, contact details, the course you are enrolling in , and if you are an existing Spacial Dynamics student. 

For example for a youth program booking we may also request the gender identification of the child, their t-shirt size, parent/guardian details, medical history and prescribed medicines, and if the child has special dietary needs.

Spacial Dynamics keeps this data on file for 5 years. Spacial Dynamics will keep contact details and records of courses and certifications completed for longer to ensure the integrity of Spacial Dynamics practitioners.

You may request a copy of this data from the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Our policy is to provide this within 30 days, either electronically or in paper form as is most appropriate and expedient.