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Level II - Reflexes: Prisons or Portals - Mechanicville

Through the lack of healthy movement opportunities in modern day, sedentary life styles, children are not weaving the threads of their innate movement patterns together into a supportive whole. Many problems in school (ADHD, behavior, learning, and social challenges, for example) have spatial components that leave the child un-centered, at loose ends... a victim of an onslaught of sensory bombardment and subsequent automated, yet unconscious reactions.

Come join us as we study the reflexes, their purposes, how to recognize them in their disguises, and how to coordinate them into movement skills that help children conduct their lives in a way that makes sense.

This Level II course will incorporate a public workshop (Monday evening and Tuesday) where Level II’s will be able to witness how Spacial Dynamics can be introduced to the general public, and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques.

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