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Mechanicville Public Workshop - Body Image: In Whose Image?

Body image is the picture an individual carries of his or her own body. Perceptions and misconceptions of our bodies play important roles in how we act, inter-act, and are re-acted to.

Body image influences the roles we are offered and whose roles we choose to take in every stage of the drama of our lives. This is even more poignant when we consider that our body images are often unconscious. In addition to being at the root of many eating disorders and depressive conditions, poor body image may negatively affect self-confidence, sexual health, and overall personal development.

Open to everyone, we will expose the illusions that are sold to us through models and manufacturers of perfected illusion. We will learn exercises and create spaces for ourselves to move from images that confine, towards the freedom that can come when we learn to enliven the bodies that we have.

Presented by Jaimen McMillan

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