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Level II - Body Image - Austin TX

Besides taking a serious look at how modern society contrives to control and manipulate our sense of what is beautiful and desirable for financial gain, we will profit by taking some playful glances at ourselves. In a supportive group environment, we will help each other shed old molds and grow into the skins we are in.

Participants are invited to bring a selection of photos of themselves, as well as from favorite actors and actresses, books, poems, videos and songs that have contributed to the forming of the puzzle of their self-imaging.

Open to SDI students and graduates, we will expose the illusions that are sold to us through models and manufacturers of perfected illusion. We will learn exercises and create spaces for ourselves to move from images that confine, towards the freedom that can come when we learn to enliven the bodies that we have.

SDI students and graduates can receive Level II credit.


Advanced Studies Course
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