Test a summary that only lists the calendar entries for Movement Therapy.


Find out how to enhance the font size for the dates on this...  meta data font.

Note that calendar entries with no picture left justify the description over that left are usually taken by the picture.

If there are sandwich courses like the Austin Body Image and the public workshop I assume we do not need both showing. We could add a tag to the calendar entry to differentiate Level I, Level II, Level III, and Public. The catalogue would list public courses separately.

We can add the instructor in the course description with a link to their bio.  Can we also add to their bio a summary like this which shows all their upcoming courses. To do that we need to add an archive on the calendar source which creates a list...  work out how to do that .  

test an all encompassing approach .

Currently this has an issue in that if you click on the category link it displays the month by month formatted calendar grid filtered by the category. I want a list like above. Find how to do this....