This new model was developed to meet the interests and needs of the individual. The first two years of part-time study, consisting of eight (8) sessions, will be led by Jaimen McMillan, SDI’s director. Successful completion of a minimum of 360 additional hours of study is required to graduate and receive a Level I diploma in the discipline of Spacial Dynamics®. These hours of study can be selected from many areas of interest, and they will be offered in many locations, including the Spacial Dynamics Institute. Former and current trainees vary widely in their ages, experiences, and abilities. They are united by their desire to pursue a study of spatially oriented movement, which enhances both personal and professional development. 

With this new model, it is possible to complete certification sooner, according to the pace one chooses to take. 

In the first two years, students train intensively over five (5) days in the fall and 5 days in the spring and over a 10-day period in the summer sessions. Fall and spring sessions will be offered on the East and West Coasts, and a student may choose the location that best fits his/her schedule and location for these sessions. The summer session brings all the students together at the Spacial Dynamics Institute in Mechanicville, NY, for a double session.

The location and session dates for the next sessions

Core Studies Program 2016 – 2017 

Mechanicville, NY   Spring: April 20-24, 2017

Portland, OR     Spring: March 7-11, 2017

Summer 2017   Both groups come together in Mechanicville NY:  July 13-22, 2017

Includes Spacial Dynamics® hands-on techniques, Bothmer Gymnastics®, outdoor and indoor games, track and field activities, archery, circus arts, fencing, gymnastics, and dance, as well as hands-on techniques. Theoretical courses will be offered in the spatial components of: teaching; wholesome as well as interrupted development; coaching; central questions of health and illness; and leadership. Practical exercises and spatially oriented movement activities will be helpful to teachers, therapists, trainers, coaches, and business professionals. Students are encouraged to engage in these activities at a level that meets them where they are and safely leads them to greater ability and ease.

Tuition for years one and two is $2,950 per year, with a commitment of one year at a time with a tuition contract. From the third year onward, the student selects the pace and specialty of study, and payments will be made according to courses taken toward graduation and certifications. In the past, the average length of time to qualify for a Level I certification was five (5) years. 

Tuition is due at the beginning of each school year, in September. Installment payment plans are available, and we accept payment via check, credit card, and PayPal. There is a nonrefundable $200 application fee.

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To apply please print the following form, complete, and send with your photograph and application fee.  

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