About the Spacial Dynamics Institute  
The Spacial Dynamics Institute

The Spacial Dynamics Institute is an international training organization that has its world headquarters in Saratoga County in upstate New York. SDI trains movement professionals as movement therapists and movement educators who study and work around the globe to enhance the health and performance of their patients and clients.  The Spacial Dynamics Institute offers workshops, multi- level training programs, specially designed courses, private therapy sessions, publications, DVDs, and support for its certified practitioners. The Spacial Dynamics Institute has satellite training centers across the US: Austin, TX, Scotts Valley, CA, and Portland,OR; in Stuttgart and Leipzig /Jena, Germany; as well as Vancouver, Canada; Baerenthal, France; Venice, Italy; Budapest, Hungary; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. To learn about all the areas in which the Spacial Dynamics Institute is active please visit Areas of Application on the left.

Spacial Dynamics Institute Workshops

The workshop setting is great for getting a first hand experience of Spacial Dynamics®. Public or private workshops serve as a basic introduction, with varying themes depending on for whom and where the workshop is taking place. These workshops are given all over the world to corporate executives, educators, therapists, performing artists, parents, and factory workers. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops by SDI and its certified practitioners. To request a workshop for yourself or your organization, email us.

Multi-Level Training Programs

The Spacial Dynamics Institute currently offers three levels of training in the discipline of Spacial Dynamics.

The first level is a five-year part-time training designed for working individuals and meets three times a year.

The second level is offered with either a therapeutic or educational specialization and requires a series of six courses chosen from a variety of offerings.

The third level is for those who wish to become Spacial Dynamics trainers themselves.

For a detailed description of the multi-level training programs, please visit SDI Training Programs in the menu on the left.

Specially Designed Courses

Custom courses and workshops are designed to enhance performance and increase wellness within a specific area of work. They are designed to assess and address the space, the equipment used, and the effective movement of the people within that space. Businesses, athletic teams, schools, factories, performing arts groups - any group who wants to increase the level of their performance and create a more harmonious, healthy, and efficient working environment - can benefit from Spacial Dynamics® programs. To hear how others have experienced these sessions, visit our testimonials page.

Private Movement Therapy Sessions

Work one on one with Jaimen McMillan and his highly qualified staff to address any personal challenges such as pain, injuries, posture concerns, learning difficulties, developmental and personal growth issues, trauma, restricted movement - any issue that needs to be "moved" through. To make an appointment, email us.

International Headquarters and Campuses

The international headquarters and campus of the Spacial Dynamics Institute is located in Saratoga County in up-state New York. The training center itself, the Hudson/Up River site, is located in the historic town of Mechanicville, bordered by the Hudson River and the Tenendeho. Travelers may fly into the Albany International Airport which is a 15 minute drive to our campus. Click here for directions to the training center.

Other Training Centers:

Austin Waldorf School
IS- 10 and IS -11 Central
8700 South View Road
Austin, TX 78737
Click here for directions
Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre
IS-11 West
3690 152nd Street
Surrey, BC, Canada V3S 0L3
Click here for directions
Camp Redwood Glen
IS-10 West
3100 Bean Creek Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Click here for directions
Takacs Clinic, Portland, OR
Click here for directions.